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The Team

A team of over 50 employees are working for Regen Waters.  Below is a few of the key persons on our team.


Regen Waters was established by Ludolf Uys in 1986 as a water analytical laboratory, doing chemical and microbiological samples.  Ever since the laboratory and our services has grown.

We have some of the latest technologies and equipment, like the ICP-MS, GC-MS and Discrete Analysers, to deliver fast and accurate results.  The laboratory is SANAS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited for a comprehensive scope.

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Anja Khors

Laboratory manager

Anja has a BSc degree in Chemistry and Polymer Sciences.  She has been working for Regen Waters for more then 12 years and does the management and quality control of the lab.

Anja is a technical signature for the laboratory.


Ludolf Uys

Managing Director

As the founder and the director of Regen Waters Laboratory, Ludolf has over 40 years of experience in the water analytics.

Ludolf is a technical signature for the laboratory.

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Hannelie Smit

Financial Director

Hannelie is our financial director has been working for Regen Waters for more then 12 years.

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Lourens Snyders

Operations Manager

Lourens is the general manager of Regen Waters and if you have any questions regarding the operations, he is your go to guy.  He has a Hons degree in Mechanical engineering.


Justin West

Head of Microbiology

Justin has a BSc degree in Life and Environmental Sciences specialized in Human Physiology and Biochemistry.  He manages the microbiology department.


Marietjie Wilding

Senior Laboratory technician

Marietjie is working on the ICP and ICP-MS and has been with Regen Waters for 25 years.  She has 40 years of laboratory experience. 

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